Re: Looking for advice in getting a .NET job

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Date: 03/24/04

Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 07:02:09 -0800

I suggest you to take a look at the book "What Color is
Your Parachute", which will show you the interview skill.
In some extent, interview skill is much more important
than your technical skill.

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>Hi Eric,
>>From what several of you suggested, it seems that
salaries have really gone
>down in the past few years. While I never thought I was
paid more than the
>norm (actually I worried that my salary was below the
norm during the past
>couple of years), I'm taking this advice seriously. Maybe
next time someone
>ask me what is my salary expectation, I should not give a
figure, but say
>something like "whatever salary that will match my skill
set and the
>requirements of the position" or maybe "negotiable".
Salary negotiation is a
>tricky thing.
><Eric> wrote in message
>> Michael wrote:
>> > I agree with you that employers are more aware of
>> But you want to include both on your resume. MCAD is
only for .NET, but
>> MCSD can refer to older technologies.
>> My personal thought on job experience: take a job that
pays low, but
>> gives you actual "hands on" experience with .NET. A
year later you can
>> look for a new job, but this time you'll have the
>> Eric