Re: Looking for advice in getting a .NET job

From: MikeAlfred (
Date: 03/23/04

Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 14:39:39 -0800

I think it's because MCSD has a wide scope than MCAD.

Do you live in Canada, John?.. because I can't believe
that here in the U.S., still a lot of companies don't
accept the applicants if they experiences don't perfectly
fit to the requirements... even if these applicants are
already Certified Professional.

But Jackie was right, you have to lower your salary
expectation. I think it's better to have a job with lower
salary than nothing...

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>Hi Jackie,
>Thanks a lot for your reply.
>I agree with you that employers are more aware of MCSD
than MCAD.
><> wrote in message
>> >I was laid off beginning of this year due to lack of
>> at my company. So
>> >far I have not been able to get a new job. I have 7
>> IT experience,
>> >with the last 3 years working as a web developer using
>> Microsoft
>> >technologies (IIS, ASP, SQL Server, DHTML, etc...).
>> to that, I have
>> >some OOP (about 2 years) and Oracle experience.
>> >
>> >I have been playing with .NET for over 2 years now, and
>> got my MCAD last
>> >November. I took all 3 exams in C#.
>> >
>> >It seems that it is almost impossible for me to get
>> a .NET job because I
>> >have no professional experience in .NET. I believe if I
>> were already working
>> >for some company, that employer would have found no
>> problem putting me on a
>> >..NET project. But since I'm now unemployed and looking
>> for work; no
>> >companies seem willing to take me for a .NET position
>> (even with the MCAD
>> >certification).
>> John,
>> all I can do is give you hope. I too have 10 years in IT
>> with about 5 being C++, and no .NET. I was unemployed
>> just over 18 months (yes you read right) and am now into
>> my second week of employment using .NET (though I
>> programmed a thing yet). I just started looking at .NET
>> last November and have one test to go for MCAD. I have
>> entry position in .NET. So a job, but half the pay of
>> years ago.
>> You've been looking for two months. I heard just
>> it takes 5 months to land a job. Hope that happens for
>> you. It's tough, but there are companies willing to
take a
>> chance with you (without the .NET experience) but the
>> will not be what you're accustomed to.
>> Be willing to tak anything. Lower your salary
>> expectations. Spend this time at home getting your MCSD;
>> employers seem to know more about that than MCAD. It's
>> only two more tests.
>> Good luck.
>> Jackie