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Date: 03/23/04

Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 10:12:34 -0000

"M." <> wrote in message
> >IMHO, students really shouldn't bother going for these
> >certs... They are
> >really intended as a backup to experience rather than a
> >proof of
> >knowledge... Without actual experience in the
> >languages, the certs are
> >worth even less than usual :)
> Did you mean, that students can't have real-world
> experience with the languages? What about research
> projects? Btw: I'm a student, and I also have a job in a
> company that develops software...

Not at all... What I mean is that these certsm whilst usefull for proving a
certain level of knowledge once you're out in real world, aren't that useful
to students, especially those who have only just qualified. As I said, the
certs are really intended to back up experience and the exams tend to be
geared towards people who have an actual working knowledge of the languages.
Whilst you can learn a lot from studying, there are a lot of aspects to the
language that you would only really learn by actually developing software
for it.

> >You'd be better off spending your time earning some
> >officially recognized
> >qualifications and get the certs later, after you've got
> >a job!
> I thought, that MS Certs are "officially recognized
> qualifications". Sure, they can't substitute master or
> bc. degree in computer science for example, but you can't
> say, that they are useless for students.

The only "official" recognition they have is with MS. In the real world,
having an MS cert only really improves the odds of you getting an
interview... And if the person sorting the resume's has a pile of
applications with experience, then with experience + certs, then with no
experience + cert, guess which ones will hit the trash? It's an unfair
world I'm afraid... A real degree would be worth FAR more to an interviewer
than an MS cert, but again, the key if often experience... I'm not saying
don't bother with it, I'm just saying you'd be better off at your stage by
getting a degree qualification first, and then get the MS certs if you still
want to...

> >Besides... One shouldn't be asking for illegal materials
> >in an MS run
> >newsgroup... Very silly thing to do, especially giving
> >out your email addy..
> Hmm, this can be true... There were many posts in the
> past like "I have this book, I need this one, shall we
> trade?" I can't see any nowadays. What's happend? Rather,
> I'm cancelling my offer to exchange these books with
> ASP.NET. No trading anymore!
> Regards,
> M.

 Read the EULA for the eBook and you'll see what I mean...