Re: New in Microsoft but not as a Programmer

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Date: 03/22/04

Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 15:46:49 -0800

Based on my experience in Legacy System, which one do you
think is better for me to take. The web programming or
windows programming?

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>> .... my goal is to get certified as MCAD/MCSD but I
>> don't know where to start. Do I need to take a course
>> first of either Visual Basic, C++, C# of .NET? Or is it
>> okay for me to jump on the Certification Study/Review
>Hi Mike,
>There is no "requirement" to take a course. It's
perfectly OK to study
>books, do the examples, etc. You may find it difficult,
however, if you
>haven't done a lot of programming, and especially if you
haven't worked with
>The VB6 and C++ exams will be retired on June 30, so you
wouldn't be able to
>complete an MCSD for VS6 after that. I wouldn't begin
studying VB6 at this
>point, although if you were truly well-versed in it you
might still want to
>take exams for VB6. VB.NET is a whole different animal.
There are no C++.NET
>Cindy Winegarden MCSD, Microsoft Visual FoxPro MVP