Recent 70-320 Experience?

From: Al (
Date: 03/21/04

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    Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 11:33:19 -0800

    Hi Mal,

    I took the test today and completely surprised myself by
    scoring over 1000. My opinion is that the pass level is
    set fairly low as it is was a relatively difficult exam
    and other people I was taking it with also thought they
    did better than expected.

    I got loads of questions on the different types of
    remoting - Client/server activated + singleton/singlecall
    and remoting settins in the config file, I also had a lot
    on com+ attributes. Also setting up webservices i.e disco
    and wsdl files and iis security. Make sure you know which
    tool does what as well such as installutil, regasm,
    secutil al etc.

    Good luck!

    >-----Original Message-----
    >I'm taking 70-320 on Monday and, as usual are feeling
    >thoroughly under prepared. I have the Kalani book ,the MS
    >book (1st Edition) and the Transcender tests. I was
    >wondering if anyone who has taken the test recently could
    >identify any areas that they feeel were under represented
    >in these materials and perhaps a few hints on what they
    >thought were key topics? Any opinions on how the
    >Transcender tests compared to the real thing would be
    >great too.
    >Thanks Everyone,

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