Re: test taking strategy

From: Brunswick Lowe (
Date: 03/21/04

Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 08:43:51 -0600

I always skim the answers first to try and determine what they're really
getting at in the question. Then when you read the question, you have a
better idea of what to look for.

I instituted a personal rule too, with regard to changing answers. I noticed
when taking practice exams that almost without fail, if I changed my answer
from my initial gut instinct answer, I got it wrong and was right on my
first guess. So, now, if I start to second guess an answer, I require that I
not only think that the first answer was wrong, but that the new answer is
right with no doubt. Essentially, most often, if I change my answer I miss
it. I almost never change to the correct answer.

Good luck.

"Alex" <> wrote in message
> Does anyone have test taking strategies, i.e. should I
> skim over the answers first, what to look for, keywords,
> etc.
> I use .NET at work, but not web services, remoting and
> services components, thus even after studying so many
> hours & days, I'm having trouble passing the exam. My
> work does not involve using these items. I have already
> passed all Trancender test at 75% rating.
> Any feedback would be great.