Re: Passed 70-316

From: DalePres (
Date: 03/21/04

Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 00:50:39 -0600

Congratulations on passing 316.

I'm just curious... How did you get all those books in CHM format? Please
only respond with legal sources. I have several of them in print and none
of them came with any eBook format on the CD.

It seems more and more books are NOT including eBooks, perhaps because folks
are stealing them so much.

Of course, with so many hundreds or thousands of hours of studying 1000+
page books over the last 10 years, my eyes ain't what they used to be and I
much prefer eBooks over print, when I can get it.

Kalani's books, by the way, do have eBooks...For which I am thankful.


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