Recent 70-320 Experience?

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Date: 03/20/04

Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 20:35:28 -0800

Thanks Jeff - I really appreciate the reply. Congrats on

Although we use web services extensively at work, I have
no practical experience with remoting or COM+ and very
little with windows services. The concepts are
straightforward enough though so I suppose it's just a
case of trying to memorise the salient points.

Oh well back to Transcender Test A!.

Thanks again.
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>I actually just passed 70-320 this afternoon (score of
>922). As far as feeling under prepared, I felt the same
>way going in - so maybe that's a good thing. I used the
>microsoft study guide and exam cram - same thing I did
>70-316. I'm also using C# daily at work, working with
>remoting, windows services, and web services and that
>really helped on this test. The one thing that I didn't
>have a lot of experience with was the COM+ sections, so
>those really were stressing me out a bit during the
>I had done some reading from the books I mentioned but
>without "real" experience using it, it is easy to be
>unsure of some of the subtleties. Other than that, it is
>basically what is taught in the exam preps - a lot of
>remoting, web services, security, distributed app
>configuration, and deployment.
>Good luck on Monday - basically, just take your time and
>read the questions thoroughly and if you've done you're
>homework you should be fine.
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>>I'm taking 70-320 on Monday and, as usual are feeling
>>thoroughly under prepared. I have the Kalani book ,the
>>book (1st Edition) and the Transcender tests. I was
>>wondering if anyone who has taken the test recently
>>identify any areas that they feeel were under
>>in these materials and perhaps a few hints on what they
>>thought were key topics? Any opinions on how the
>>Transcender tests compared to the real thing would be
>>great too.
>>Thanks Everyone,