Re: Is there any specialisation Cert?

From: bredal Jensen (
Date: 03/16/04

Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 09:32:13 +0100

One of the UI aspect of windows since the early days has been the tree
view (eg.explorer)
Have you ever wondered why explorer use tree view and keep doing that?

And you mentioned VS.NET UI yourself.

Tree view is essential to windows UI . And building an tree view
is for me one of these things worth spending time on as a programmer.
But again it requires more then just Cert level skills and that was my
Neither you become clever on Http handlers and http modules after completing
the ASP.NET MCP exam.
Actually my exam did not mention either http module or http handlers.
I understand that these are areas that requires some self study but again
the are so important to me that there should maybe be some kind of appetite
for people desiring to no more about these subject.

I know that the web apps self paced kit contain a chapter called advanced
web forms programming
and admint that there is more to web programming then you can cover in a
single book or
exam .
 But maybe there should be an intermediate and advanced or specialised cert.

Hey sorry but that is just me and my little theory.

I have seen one approch for tree view on code project:
This happens to mainly be a javascript and Xml thing.

I wish i could find a pure custom server control approch.


<Eric> wrote in message news:%23fwzcOqCEHA.2888@TK2MSFTNGP09.phx.gbl...
> bredal Jensen wrote:
> > There are situation where you need to present data in a tree
> > hierachical way.
> > And i doubt you are not aware of this.
> > I thought , the idea about server controls was that you could present
> > data the way you want
> > by creating a custum control or composite control.
> > But i now see that you need more then web application
> > programming skills to do this kind of thing.
> I think TreeViews are overused in Windows apps. I like them in some
> cases, like the Visual Studio Server Explorer. But In most cases you
> can partition the application into various other master-detail layouts.
> For example, instead of:
> - Database Name
> - Table List
> - Table1
> - Columns
> You could let people select a DB in a combo box, then show the tables
> in a list box. Then show the columns in a Repeater or DataView.
> This is just one example - I'm not saying it is best to avoid the
> TreeView in all cases. But, a good programmer has to learn how to use
> the tools he has.
> I've seen some users who don't like TreeViews. They sometimes get
> confused about the little plus signs - they can skip over things by
> mistake because they didn't expand the node.
> Eric

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