passed 70-315

From: Jackie (
Date: 03/13/04

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    Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 12:48:50 -0800

    Congratulations Pete! Believe!

    Microsoft will send you an email using the email account
    that you gave to Vue (btw did you use the 25% off
    voucher?) then you can follow the instructions in that

    Your registration id with vue is the one that says
    REGISTRATION:123456789 (a nine digit number for me).

    So have you decided which one you will tackle next? I'm
    finishing up Chapter 3 of Kalani's 316, my third exam.

    Jackie, got a job offer Friday and start on Monday
    using .NET and C# (have only done studying/learning at
    home so this is a huge opportunity. Finishing my MCAD will
    be more challenging now. I went to bed after 3 this
    morning after studying. The full court press is on!!

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