Getting ready for 70-315

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Date: 03/11/04

Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 08:31:17 -0800

that's too funny ... :)

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>The truth is, my plans were to do 316 but at the last
>minute (before I sat down to study) I switched books
>because....get this....the 320 book was smaller than the
>316 book(11 chapters vs 15 chapters) and my brain was
>fried from 315(15 chapters) which is about as large as
>316. So there you go! My scientific mind.
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>>thanks for the truthful answer. i have been studying for
>>just about the same amount of time for 70-315 ... i feel
>>like i'm ready - just getting a little anxious as the
>>it's interesting you took 70-320 after 70-315. I think I
>>will go for 70-316 next - although I haven't looked over
>>the material to 70-316, i imagine there has to be some
>>duplication in material between 315 and 316.
>>good luck on 70-316.
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>>>I used only Kalani's book (doing all exercises, review
>>>questions, exam questions then practice exam in the
>>>and on the CD) and passed the first time. I studied for
>>>about 3 - 4 weeks.
>>>Today I took and passed 70-320 again using only
>>>book and practice CD. It is 15 days to the day that I
>>>and passed the 315 so I studied for two weeks.
>>>Today I'll start his next book, 316, and hope
>>the "luck!?"
>>>I can't afford to pay for some of those practice tests
>>>I just trust in what I have learned, try to be calm,
>>>click on the answer(s) I think is the best answer. So
>>>so good. So it can be done! Trust in yourself.
>>>I'm not comfortable commenting on specifics of any of
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>>>>I have used Developing Web Applications (Microsoft
>>>>and Amit Kalani's 70-315 book as study guides. The
>>>>sample questions I plan to use are from the CD's from
>>>>books, and the sample exam at the end of Amit Kalani's
>>>>Has anyone who sat for the test taken a similiar study
>>>>Do these 2 books adaquately cover the material on the
>>>>Do anyone know what the percentage breakdown is for
>>>>the 'covered material' on the exam objectives?
>>>>thanks all ..