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Date: 03/11/04

Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 05:00:51 -0800

Thanks Alex!

So, does it mean, that resgen is useful only when I need
to convert for example generic text file to resource file?

/t:lib is not required to run al, it's set by default.


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>Hi. You are talking about two different things. One
thing is creating the
>resource file: Form1.resx, and the other thing is
embedding this file into a
>satellite DLL. So if you already have your resource file
created, you dont
>need to use resgen.exe. But sometimes you will need to
create manually or
>modify some resource file, and then resgen would help.
>"M." <> wrote in
>> Hi.
>> I've question about resources. I've found this in MSDN:
>> "When you are finished creating .resources files with
>> Resgen.exe, use the Assembly Linker (Al.exe) to either
>> embed the resources in a runtime binary executable or
>> compile them into satellite assemblies."
>> I think, that resgen isn't required. I can do this:
>> al /embed:Form1.resx /out:Form1Res.dll
>> and I have resource-only assembly. Right? So when I get
>> question, like what is the most effective method to
>> create resource-only assembly, can I skip generating
>> binary resource by resgen?
>> Thanks.
>> M.
>> P.S. I just get similair question on my MeasureUP. The
>> explanation tells this:
>> "A .resources file is a binary representation of the
>> human readable resource file and is generated by the
>> Resource File Generator (Resgen.exe) utility. It can
>> be embedded into a satellite assembly and distributed
>> with the application."