IIS problem

Date: 03/10/04

Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2004 21:54:03 -0800

I had similar problems, they suggested using SQL
But Go to the control panel/administrative tools/event
viewer and check the logs. Then you can try to give the
user permissions. Asp uses a user called ASPNET, I gave it
admin rights.
 My hard drive burned out and I did a clean install and it
worked! So I really don't know, but the Microsoft
Evangelist in the Midwest said that the work around for a
similar problem connecting to the database was in the SQL
enterprise manager!

mike weltzin

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>Hello everybody,
>I'm new to this group.
>I'm preparing for MCAD(initial stage)
>After running an ASP.NET page ,in the browser i get a
>blank page.No results & no errors.
>What might the problem?
>And also I can not create project in the virtual dir(ie
>dir which is not under inetpub/localhost)
>Please help me?