70-300 exam question

From: Rudolph Pienaar (rpienaar_at_telkomsa.net)
Date: 03/07/04

Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2004 16:06:26 +0200

I am studying for exam 70-300 and am using the self pasted training book. On
the included CD the practise exam has the following question.

Where is the best place to implement the business rules in the data tier.

The correct answer according to them is: In components in the business rules
layer, and then the datalayer can call these components from the business
rules layer.

I disagree with this anwer. I think store procedures are the best way to
implement business rules in the DATA TIER. Also if one has a multi tier
atchitecture, then busines rules go to the business rules layer, but then
the business rules layer calls the data layer, not the other way around.

Does anybody have a comment on this?