Re: Whatelse I have to study ? Exam - 70-305

From: Sharmila (
Date: 03/04/04

Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2004 07:33:29 -0800

Thanks a lot...:)

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>I havent used GunderLoy books. I did my exams in C# track
and thus used Amit
>Kalani. His books and GunderLoy books are considered to
be clones in
>different languages. Amit Kalani books are more than
enough if you go
>through them properly. And ofcourse there is always MSDN
site if you do not
>understand any particular topic. But I dont think you
would need to buy some
>other book, in addition to these Que books. They are the
best for these
>exams and cover the material to the extent you need to
>"Sharmila" <> wrote in
>> Hi,
>> I am been preparing from a while for exam - 70-305 Book
>> Mike Gunderloy.I have been practicing all the examples
>> I study them.I keep surfing net to read more(not much).
>> I have yet to finish completing the book.
>> Please can anyone let me know what else I need to know
>> how much more practice I should do in order to pass the
>> exam for sure and with best results.
>> Is there any special Topic I should concentrate on while
>> studying or explore more.
>> If anyone has used or seen Mike Gunderloy book,I would
>> like to know that Is the amount of material on each
>> covered by him enough especially Data binding,XML ,Web
>> service and all.
>> I just want to be confident enough before i jump into
>> exam.

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