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From: Simon (
Date: 02/26/04

Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 09:06:28 -0800

True. I'm currently scoring around 85% for exam 70-316.
I'm using Amit Kalani and Professional C# 2nd Edition from
I use C# everyday in my job so its good getting the
experience. I am currently about 1/3 the way through Amit
Kalani's book, but still like to take the tests just to
see if I would pass in my current form.

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>> Simon wrote:
>> > I thought a pass was around 70%. Although this has not
>> > come from a official but it's what I have picked up
in the
>> > industry.
>> >
>> > Simon.
>> Yes, but we like to score higher on practice tests so
we know we're
>> ready. The questions won't be the same (unless you
cheat), so you don't
>> have a guarantee of passing just because you score over
70% on a
>> practice test. It's best to get into the 90's on
practice tests before
>> you go for the real thing.
>Indeed... It's all about NOT wanting to throw your hard
earned money
>away... What with the costs of the books & the practice
tests, & VS.Net
>itself (ouch!) I don't have an awful lot spare to be
wasting it on failing
>the exams!!