Re: NZ price of MCAD

From: Cindy Winegarden (
Date: 02/22/04

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    Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2004 11:31:44 -0500

    In news: 1457901c3f83c$6b128d50$a501280a@phx.gbl,
    andy <> wrote:
    > In new zealand I can attend a 14-week course that covers
    > all papers and exams for a cost of $11,000 ($ new zealand
    > dollars).
    > anyone know of a cheaper way in new zealand ?

    Hi Andy,

    Can you buy some books and study on your own? You'll still need to pay for
    the exams, but the total cost (books plus exams) will be much less.

    Cindy Winegarden  MCSD, Microsoft Visual FoxPro MVP

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