Which software?

From: Jim (anonymous_at_discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: 02/20/04

Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 19:15:24 -0800

VS .nET academic 2003 version is all you need. it comes
with everythign that VS .NET pro does without the cost. I
used 2002 while I was in school and was surprised that
there was little or no difference between pro and
enterprise version, so agian yor fine

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>I have been using VC++ .NET for a couple of years now,
but would like to go ahead and start studying for my
MCAD. I'm starting school in a few months and will be
eligible to buy the Academic version of studio .NET
professional. Dropping $1000 on the retail version just
doesn't seem like an option right now. Does the academic
version have everything I need to work with?
>I'd like to start studying now, so would a copy of
VB .NET standard 2003 and VC# .NET standard serve me well
enough to pass the exam, or do I have to have
Professional? Also, do most people just pick either C# or
VB, or are MCADs expected to work with both?