Re: Another Mx Problem

An MX record should be a host name, not an IP address. There should be an A
record for that hostname , so they are basically correct. is, (although it says in the greeting) so
that is the hostname you should use, so that the reverse lookup also works
correctly. Priority should be a number, I think, eg 10 for the primary
and 20 for the secondary.

Have a look at what DNS report says about your MX records


"Applebaum" <mappleNOSPAM@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hi,
> We recently switched our DNS services to At first, I copied
> the way our settings had been before. For Mx records, I put in:
> Host Name Priority Mail Server
> High
> High
> After I set this up, it worked just fine, or so I thought.
> Then I checked with's tech support to verify that I had set
> the subdomain's (it.) Mx record properly. They said that I had, but they
> insisted that for our main record, it should say, and NOT
> our mail server's IP address, and we should have an A record pointing
> to our mail server's IP address.
> I followed their advice, and we stopped receiving external email. So I
> switched the Mx record back to our IP address, and we received external
> email again.
> But I'm getting reports that people from some domains are unable to email
> us. They're getting NDRs like:
> < #5.5.0 smtp;550-Verification failed for...
> And, when I go to, we get:
> FAIL: MX is host name, not IP
> ERROR: You have one or more MX record(s) that contain an IP address. This
> is not valid. A fully RFC-compliant mailserver will not be able to send
> mail (although some mail servers will, due to the TCP/IP functions that
> use). The problem MX records are:
> also I get:
> WARN: Multiple MX records
> WARNING: You only have 1 MX record. If your primary mail server is down or
> unreachable, there is a chance that mail may have troubles reaching you.
> But when I followed followed's advice, we stopped receiving
> emails. I don't want to mess around with it again without knowing exactly
> what to do.
> Many thanks in advance!!!
> Matthew