Re: File server migration from SBS2000 to Windows 2003 server

From: Enyalius (
Date: 02/03/05

Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 09:55:03 -0800

I stated in my original message that the errors I was getting were permission
problems but to be specific:

When copying a file to a mapped drive located on the Windows 2k3 server, it
produces the following, "Cannot copy SBS_MigratingSBS2k: Access is denied.
Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not
currently in use."

When creating a new items on mapped drive located on the Windows 2k3 server,
" Unable to create the folder 'New Folder' Access is denied."

When opening documents, xls, doc, etc they all open in read only.

My procedure was, transfer the directory structure from the SBS2k server to
the Windows 2k3 server, setup the permissions identical to the SBS2k server
using the groups that SBS2k has setup on it, modify the existing login script
so that it points all users to the new network maps. After all this was done
everyone can see the resources but the only thing that users can do is copy
files off the server. (All users are back on the original network maps)

With all due respect SuperGumby I do not have the luxury of a test bench so
as a rep of microsoft I would appreciate it if you had some respect when
replying to posts about issues like this, if you have tried something like
this I am sure that you would have noticed it is not as straight forward as
you would think.

I am probably missing a simple step but I would appreciate a courteous reply.

Thank you.

"SuperGumby [SBS MVP]" wrote:

> there are, basically (and never have been), no restrictions on adding
> servers, whether DC's or not, to SBS domains.
> In what way did you %^&$ up and what errors are you encountering?
> 'It's all stuffed' is not accurate.
> "Enyalius" <> wrote in message
> >I spent all of last night working on this transfer making sure that
> > everything transferred over perfectly, however I ran across a problem.
> >
> > What I wanted to do was have the SBS2000 machine being the domain
> > controller, DNS and email server. And the windows 2003 server would be the
> > file server. What happened was that when I transferred all the files and
> > setup the permissions on the Windows 2003 server is that all the users
> > were
> > getting errors when trying to use the map drives, (ie openning all
> > documents
> > in read only, unable to copy to drives, etc). I did double check
> > permissions
> > I even tried to modify them but to no avail.
> >
> > I could not find any solutions so far on the issue, and I really hope that
> > SBS2000 will allow me to do something like that otherwise I am not
> > entirely
> > sure why this product would have been designed with so little
> > expandability.