Steve is grovelling for work AGAIN

"Steve" <nonsense@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:Zp-dnb2eC-21e_nUnZ2dnUVZ_o7inZ2d@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I provide help with Access applications for a reasonable fee. If you want your new database in a short time I can help you get there. I can help you design the table structure for your database and then you can create the queries, forms and reports or I can do it all for you. My fee in either case would be modest.


These newsgroups are provided by Microsoft for FREE peer to peer support. Stevie is a known troll who has been harrassing posters for work for many years. The fact that he claims to have helped thousands and that he needs to grovel for work indicates that very few of them were willing to truststevie with repeat business.

John.. Visio MVP