RefreshTableLinks Module in Solutions.mdb

I intend to split an .mdb I have developed in Access 2003 so that the
Back-End will reside on one computer (not server) and the FrontEnd will be on
each of the computers that need to access it along with a runtime version of
Access 2003.

I have never split a database before or set it up for sharing in this way.

I have been reading at

They refer to a database called Solutions.mdb where one can find a Module
called RefreshTableLinks. I am unable to find the Solutions.mdb and so am in
the dark as to how to modify what I do not have.

I would appreciate any insight into this problem. Perhaps someone knows
where I can find it. I do have the Access Developer Extensions CD, the MSDN
Library for Microsoft Visual Studio.Net Discs 1-3 and a number of other discs
which deal with .Net.