Re: hyperlinks & printing

kept searching around the web site and found the method thanks to one of your
replies to someone else.....

for the benefit of someone who has the same problem; since the hyperlink
field won't work into a Report's OnFormat approach for an
ImageControl.picture because it is an actual hyperlink rather than a link in
text (somewhat ironic I think...) so changing the hyperlink to text was
tricky - because a vba hyperlink has multiparts and the text returned
includes # # can trim this down using the hyperlinkpart method....
did it via query by adding calculated value column named Path:

Path: HyperlinkPart([Table].[ImagesField],0)

this returned, in text field, the display of the link - and presuming one
populates the 'display text'with the correct data when setting up a hyperlink
- everything works....

"Allen Browne" wrote:

Since one employee may have multiple certificates, you need a related table
to store the links to the graphics, i.e. a one-to-many relatinship.

Once you have that setup, you can create the report, add an Image control,
and use some code in the Format event of the section to look up the link and
set the Picture property of the control.

Access 2007 can do this withtout code, as the image control has a Control
Source in the new version.

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"NetworkTrade" <NetworkTrade@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
happy new year. rather then just ask a strange question I'll give the
"why?"...maybe will help: Here's the story: User has a 2003 db for
employees. Employees have many certificates as scanned images. Hyperlink
field in a table to all these images. You can pull up an employee - look
various normal employee data and also click any of the employee's
to view their various certificates.

Certificates are by state, or by skill, or both. Many they scan in
themselves as jpg, some are delivered by regulatory offices as pdf. A
skilled, long time employee willing to travel might have 30 certificates -
while a newer employee might have just a couple.

Overall they've done the right thing using the tools offered by Access.
images are not embedded to cause db bloat. It works.

For a project they may need 15 employees, each with 3+ relevant
- all these have to be printed to be at the job site. They are tired of
having to open each hyperlink and print individually - would like a one
button print all. Setting up a form that guides the user thru a select
that results in the subset of 15 employees into a query result with all
correct hyperlink fields, records is no problem. It's the 'print all'
I'm stymied a bit. 15 records; each record has a text field with
and then usually 2 or 3 but potentially up to 10 hyperlink fields with
hyperlinks (some blank).

Have browsed around in my spare time chipping away at various approaches -
but nothing really yet seems workable and would welcome input. thanks.