Re: Spouses with different last names in mailing list

For a demo of one approach to what Paul described, see:
People in households and companies

It describes how you can put an individual on a mailing list, or a couple,
depending on what they requested.

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"Paul Overway" <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> How one handles the situation you describe really depends on the specific
> needs and the time/money they're willing to spend in implementing a
> solution. Many people try to handle a couple as a single record, however,
> there can be issues that crop up when you do that. For example, suppose
> that one spouse is involved in an activity and the other isn't. Or
> suppose you want to be able to look up a work phone for either person.
> The way I've handled this situation is to create a separate record for
> each individual, and then join them through another table to indicate
> their relationship. I'll warn you that it can be a fairly complex design
> to program though depending on how far you go with it. The list generator
> for the program at site below is a good example and requires numerous
> queries and lines of code. The list generator uses a function to analyze
> a set of names and then create an output string for mailing
> purposes...that function is at least 100 lines. It looks at the names,
> determines who should be first in the string based on custom (i.e., male
> then female), determines whether their last names are the same, what their
> titles are, etc, etc. Depending on your data, there could be numerous
> exceptions to address, i.e., couples with different last names, including
> gay couples, etc. etc.
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> "Ann" <Ann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:DD841708-B995-4125-8B7A-7CBFDD851214@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Is there a standard way to handle spouses with different last names in a
>> mailing list database?
>> Right now all names are in one table, with FirstName and LastName fields,
>> and the kludge solution is to have (for example) "Jane Smith and John" in
>> the
>> FirstName field, and "Doe" in the LastName field, so that when the two
>> fields
>> were printed on an address label it would read as "Jane Smith and John
>> Doe".
>> But this isn't a great solution: can't search the LastName field for the
>> first spouse's last name, etc.
>> What's the better way to do this? Have the spouses as two separate
>> records
>> with some field indicating that they belong together, and
>> programmatically
>> check that field when producing the mailing list?