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It's not clear to me what you're complaining about. Are you saying that
you've got a file with an extension of mde on your website, but when your
users download it, the file they download has an extension of mdb? There's
no easy way to convert an mde back to an mdb, so it's extremely unlikely
that your files are being changed by the download.

Doug Steele, Microsoft Access MVP
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"rjsmith" <rjsmith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I wasnt sure where to put this, but heres my problem.

I send my customers updates to the various .mdes in their application
through a hyperlink on a web page. Sometime in the latest set of security
updates for IE7, they started making the mde download as an mdb through
File Download - Security Warning box. Obviously, all of my tables are
attached to the mde and I cant make them do all of the steps needed to
convert an mdb to an mde.

Has anyone else seen this problem before? Is Microsoft aware of this?


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