Re: Where is workgroup manager in access 2007?


Now we are on the same page. We have numerous access databases in use, we
use one mdw file for all and manage users and groups though Workgroup
Administrator, we do this because we don't want users modifying our queries,
reports etc. I guess we are one of the few that use access workgroup
administrator the way it was intended. Is there a new method for handling
object permissions in access 2007? It would really be neat if it actually
used windows authentication or active directory to manage groups and
permissions for objects...

"Joan Wild" wrote:


Even with previous versions, it wasn't adviseable to 'join' a secure mdw.
That would mean you'd have to login no matter what mdb you used (even
unsecure ones). Or if you had more than one mdw file, you'd have to keep
joining each one; rather tedious

Of course if you *never* use unsecure databases, and all your databases use
the same secure mdw, then you might have a case for joining the secure one
by default.

Normally though, one would want to remain joined to the standard system.mdw
that ships with Access. This one will be used by default for all sessions.
Then for your secure mdb files, you'd create/use a desktop shortcut with the
/wrkgrp switch, which would over-ride the default for that session.

The workgroup administrator will not be added to 2007.

Joan Wild
Microsoft Access MVP

Tek King wrote:

Your are correct that in access 2000 and earlier workgroup
administrator was a separate app but you never had to run it with a
command line just had to run the mswrkgrpadmin.exe and join the
shared workgroup file on each PC, once done you are prompted for the
login info, in access 2003 however, workgroup administrator was added
to the menu bar but worked the same as the separate app in previous
versions, now in access 2007, I can not even find a separate app let
alone a menu bar to launch it, this is the 1st version where you are
forced to use the /wrkgrp parm.

"Chris Mills" wrote:

The /wrkgrp parm has reasonably had to be embedded in the command
line ever since Access2000 and earlier, so you're talking of two
different things:

-embedding /wrkgrp in command-line is standard practise since A97 or
-A2007 only supports workgroups (ULS) as a legacy concession
(meaning it's still implemented but not available for "new" apps or
no-doubt not for modifications such as the Workgroup Administrator.

It won't be added to any final release (my understanding, MS have
already decided to obsolete ULS and workgroups). This means, if you
want to use ULS, you have to write your program in a previous
version of Access, and A2007 might then deem to run it. I expect you
would need to maintain it via an older version.

If you run ULS or workgroups in Access2007, you are running in
LEGACY MODE. Given MS quite good history of legacy compatibility,
and the extensive implementation of ULS, this could be so for quite
some time. It's just (I imagine) you can't modify it with A2007.

(Have I expressed this right?)
(personally I think the removal of ULS for new apps sucks. It's as
though, one of my customers complained invoicing on my app was too
difficult, so I said "Easy...I'll just remove the invoicing!" :-)

I haven't finished. I refused to implement A2003 because of the
licensing stuff (let alone whether it had usefull advancements). Now
I refuse to consider A2007 because it removes basic required
functionality/or intends to. What is MS playing at? They already
know that, if developers don't like a new Access, they are quite
capable of keeping old versions going for 10yrs or more. And
developers have more influence (by no means total) on customers than
MS may think.

"Tek King" <TekKing@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Thanks Joan, I added the /wrkgrp parm to my Access 2007 launch
shortcut and now I can open all of our secured databases. Hope
workgroup administrator is added to the final release, adding the
parm to everyone's desktop would be very time consuming. I guess a
workaround would be to create a separate shortcut directory on our
LAN that has the /wrkgrp parm embeded.

"Joan Wild" wrote:

Security has been removed in 2007 for the new accdb format. It is
still there for backwards compatibility though.

You should just create a desktop shortcut with the following in
the target: "path to msaccess.exe" "path to mdb" /wrkgrp "path to

If you really want to change your default mdw using the
administrator you can use
DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdWorkgroupAdministrator

Joan Wild
Microsoft Access MVP

Tek King wrote:
I can not locate Workgroup Administrator in access 2007 BTR2. I
found references to workgroup manager but can not locate a way to
launch it. Any ideas would be appreciated.