Re: Secure BE

"Bdavis" <Bdavis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I apoligize ahead of time becasue this relates to something very simple
> I'm over looking but; I'm having traouble figuring out how to secure the
> back-end of an application.
> I load the FE which is secured (access 2003) onto all the clients and
> accessed via a shortcut which references the server based workgroup. The
> FE's tables are all linked to the BE which is stored on the server. But
> any
> of the clients can just open up the BE if they figure out the location and
> read the tables.
> I'm trying to avoid clients getting into the back-end at all. I've tried
> adding a password but the then the FE can't access the tables.

If you set a database password on the BE you then need to delete the linked
tables in the FE and recreate the links. You'll be prompted for the
database password on the BE and it will work. However, you should know that
it is quite easy to break the database password.

There are some things you can do to keep the idle curious out, however again
you cannot stop the determined.

You can hide the BE (put it in \\server\share$ rather than \\server\share )
That will hide it in Windows Explorer, but if users know the path they can
get to it.

You can create an autoexec macro in the BE that issues the Quit action -
that will close the BE as soon as it's opened directly. If you do this,
you'd want to disable the shiftkey bypass, in case your users know about

As I said, these things won't keep the determined out, but may be sufficient
for your purposes.

Joan Wild
Microsoft Access MVP