Re: Column Lines using Line Method

The Line method syntax is like:
Me.Line (x1,y1)-(x2,y2)
Me.Line (x1,y1)-Step(width,height)

You can use the Left property value of the text box bound to FieldA to get
For instance:
Me.Line (Me.txtFieldA.Left,0)-Step(0,20000)
Duane Hookom
MS Access MVP

"ftrujill0" <ftrujill0@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I have 6 fields on my report and would like to draw column lines that are
> capable of growing depending on the detail data with the report. I have
> done
> some research on this board and realize that line method might be the
> answer
> but I am not sure how I get the lines to align up with my fields within
> the
> body of the report.
> FieldA | FieldB | FieldC etc...
> Thanks in advance.