RE: Addresses on Envelopes

Hi Roger,

I used to print addresses directly to envelopes right from my form. After I
entered the client's name and mailing information I had a control "Print

However, it took a few minutes (hours) to figure this out. Pretty simple
really. I added extra text boxes to my form. I set the properties of these
text boxes to print only. These boxes got their information after I entered
it on the form (really just dumby boxes.

You have to get the spacing just right in Design View which can get a little
messy if it is overlapping another control but...then just create a control
button at the end to print this record. Make sure you set the properties of
your other controls/fields to be display only.

Hope this helps.
Thanks, J. :-)

"Roger Bell" wrote:

> Is there a way you can print mailing addresses directly onto envelopes?
> Also, if the envelopes are fed length ways will the system allow for this?
> Thanks for any help
> Roger