criteria in a cross tab report

I have a crosstabreport "rptWeek" which shows the weekly sales and from
which the fiels are looking more or less as follows:

Group By - Row Heading:

Group by - Column Heading:

Expr1: "W" & DateDiff("ww";[SalesDate];Forms!fdlgRptWeek!txtBeginSalesDate)

Expression - Value

The Value: Sum([Salesvalue])



Between [Forms]![fdlgRptWeek]![EindSalesDate] And

The user enters the criteria (customerId, ProductId etc...) in the dialog
form fdlgRptWeek.

Then I open the report with Docmd.Openreport....strWhere.

strWhere specifies the Where condition

Everything works.

For some reasons I want also "[SalesDate] Between
[Forms]![fdlgRptWeek]![EindSalesDate] And
[Forms]![fdlgRptWeek]![BeginSalesDate]" in the Where condition instead off
in the query raster from the report.

If I put [SalesDate] in the queryraster as Group by - Columnheading - this
will not work because then my report has a seperate line for every day.

If I put [SalesDate] - Where - in the query raster [SalesDate] will not be a
field in the report and will not be accepted as criteria.

How can I solve this?

tks - Michel