Re: using more than one query in a report

You could
-Join the three queries together in a union query that could be the record
-Create three subreports for placement on a main report that has no record
Duane Hookom
MS Access MVP

"Wihtstan" <Wihtstan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> I have three queries, each relating to the same field in a table. this
> database tracks tons of info on "members". The report I am trying to
> generate
> will print three groups of members, those whose membership runs out in 30
> days, 60 day, and 90, days based off of the mebership ends date. I've made
> three queries thinking I could join them all in a report but can't see to
> get
> more than one query in a report.
> It sees like it should be easy, even for a unschooled novice like
> myself, so I am asuming I'm missing something basic... Help.