Re: INSERT INTO error: "...contains the following unknown field name..

Hi -

Did you try creating an append query to see if that works? You could then
paste the resulting SQL into your code.


Brad Granath wrote:
I'm having trouble with a multiple INSERT statement:

INSERT INTO [Course Completion] (
[Course Completion].EID,
[Course Completion].Course,
[Course Completion].[Date Completed],
[Course Completion].[Retrain Date]
[Set Imported EID].EID,
[Set Imported EID].[Course],
[Set Imported EID].[Date Completed],
[Set Imported EID].[Retrain Date]
FROM [Set Imported EID];

When I try to run it, it returns the following error:
"The INSERT INTO statement contains the following unknown field name:
'Course Completion.EID'. Make sure you have typed the name correctly and try
the operation again."

"Set Imported EID" is a query, that runs correctly, and "Course Completion"
is a table that definitely contains the column, "EID." I don't get it. This
is my first time using a multiple INSERT statement, so maybe I'm messing up
the syntax somewhere, but if I am, I don't see how. It does the same thing
if I use a single INSERT, with explicit values. I've checked the spelling
half a dozen times, and had a co-worker go over it as well.

Any help here would be hot.


John Goddard
Ottawa, ON Canada
jrgoddard at cyberus dot ca

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