Re: Date/Time Function

When you say "convert", I assume you mean "calculate", since literally
converting February 16, 2006 to February 28, 2006 would lose the original
information (the 16th).

In a query, use the DateSerial() function to calculate EOM, with something

DateSerial(Year([YourDateControl]), Month([YourDateControl])+1,0)

The "0"-th day of a month is the last day of the previous month. By adding
+1 to the indicated month first, you are pushing into the next month, then
using "0"-th day to back up to the last day of the indicated month.


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Office/Access MVP

"Wigberto" <Wigberto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hello All:

Is there a function in Access equivalete to the "EoMonth" function in
I want to convert date in the specific field to the end of month. For
example, if the date in one field is Feb 16, 2006, I would like to convert
that date to the end of the month (Feb 28, 2006), (March 31, XXXX for a
falling within the month of March).


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