Re: Sum Cash Receipts

On Mon, 4 Jul 2005 07:20:05 -0700, "GHCowan"
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>I am trying to build a query that will sum all my cash receipts for each day
>of the month.
>I built a query to pull the data and the amount from the table. I've
>grouped the query by date, but now I can't figure out how to create a query
>to give me a row for each day with a total for all the multiple cash receipts.
>Any help would be greatly appreciated before I pull out the remaining hair I

It depends somewhat on how your table is structured - and you don't
say, so I'm not certain this answer will be correct!

Create a Query based on your table.
Include the fields containing the date and the cash receipt. If the
date field contains a time portion, instead of the field itself use

JustDate: DateValue([ReceiptDateTime])

using your fieldname of course, to trim off the time portion.

Change this query to a Totals query by clicking the Greek Sigma icon
(looks like a sideways M).

Leave the default Group By on the date field, and change it to Sum on
the amount.

Open the query in datasheet view and you'll see your daily totals; you
can base a Form or Report on this query, for onscreen display or
printing respectively.

John W. Vinson[MVP]