Re: Can a query return a result greater than 255 characters?

From: Rick Brandt (
Date: 01/06/05

Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2005 08:04:33 -0600

shanem wrote:
> I want to run a query on a table in which I have memo fields, thus
> they contain greater than 255 characters, and output all the values
> in the field, not just the first 255 characters. How can I achieve
> this

No DISTINCT, No Group By, and no formatting on the memo field.

This is another "mis-feature" IMO. Older versions of Access simply gave you
an error if you attempted any of these things with a Memo Field. This error
could be worked around (in many cases) by using Left([MemoField], 255) to
only grab the first 255 characters of the Memo field. In the newer versions
they simply do this automatically (and silently) which is fine if you know
about it, but most new users don't so all it does is generate tons of
questions about it.

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