Re: DAO's currentdb object

Yes, I have read many rumors, some with what look like positive
(constructive) reasons about getting a potential successor to LINQ-to-(MS)
SQL (Server 2008). Note though that there are MANY kinds of LINQ, such as
LINQ-to-Objects, even a LINQ-to-Amazon (yes, the well known internet store)
which borrow and extend the basic LINQ syntax (Look INnocently as remote sQl
== LINQ, my definition :-) ). The individual implementation/extensions
may be revised/revisionized, and the LINQ syntax is itself may improve (I
hope) and finally get another name too ( to make communications between
developers easier).

Vanderghast, Access MVP

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... But now, even ADO.Net is losing favor for other mechanics allowing a
better 'compatibility match' between class-oriented technology
(hierarchy), technology used by the code, and databases (relational),
technology supporting the data. Such a match in action is LINQ (even
allowing SQL- like data retrieval to data which can be stored, as
example, in an array rather than in "database" ) and whatever can come

Vanderghast, Access MVP

LINQ to SQL may also die by neglect:

- Steve