Re: Trying Ken's API file dialog for first time

I tried to just paste the first part, up to the global constants, and tried
the saveas example code at the very beginning. I have the module in Excel
that I have assigned to a button on the toolbar. Now when I press the
button, it says it can't find the Macro I assigned to it? What happened?


"Michel Walsh" wrote:

You can save it in a standard module (not a form, not a class, not a report)
and if the function is public, you can call it from any place accepting a
call to a VBA function.

You can also keep the module(s) in another database (mdb file) and add that
other database in the references of your actual database: from VBE, the
menu Tools | References ... button Browse, then select the type mdb in the
combo box near the bottom, and navigate to the database to be added as
reference. Doing it this way, you don't have to spread the same code at many
places (by copying it), but you cannot make 'individual' modifications to
suit particular need, since the code, in the reference, could be use by many
of your applications (eventually).

Vanderghast, Access MVP

"Kou Vang" <KouVang@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have been too dependant on the filedialog ocx's and am finally saying to
hell with them and moving to API. I've never used the API before, I can
understand what it's doing, but my question is, do I just save it to a
and call it from another module? I have done shell calls, but never API.