Re: a symbol for "cents"

John W. Vinson <jvinson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

Copied and pasted from the Immediate window (Access2003, fully
patched, WindowsXP, American English language settings, default


Yes, of course that's what you get because those are all ANSI
values, which is what Asc() and Chr() use.

Type Alt-0162 on the numeric keyboard and you'll get the ANSI

Type Alt-155 and you'll get the ASCII result.

In both cases, that's ¢.

This is *really* basic, folks, and has been the case since at least
Windows 3.x.

I don't know why Asc() returns ANSII values, but that is really what
it's doing.

David W. Fenton
usenet at dfenton dot com

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