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From: Jim (
Date: 08/13/04

Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 13:15:15 -0700

Sandra. See my reply to Alex. Thanks for your help,
also. Between you both you've sorted my problem. This is
the first time I've been online and used a forum to solve
a problem, so I'm very impressed!
>-----Original Message-----
>Agreed - this code does not belong in the Enter event of
the Search_address
>control. It belongs in the BeforeUpdate event.
>As Alex has mentioned you could use the Default property
but this will only
>take care of entering the username of the user who
creates the record. It
>will not record the user that updates an existing record.
For this you must
>use the BeforeUpdate event.
>Sandra Daigle [Microsoft Access MVP]
>Please post all replies to the newsgroup.
>Alex Ivanov wrote:
>> Jim,
>> I would recommend to set a default value of the
search_address field
>> to CurrentUser()
>> and remove your event handler.
>> You may also consider moving your code to a different
event such as
>> BeforeUpdate
>> or check if the field is null before assigning it a new
>> The Enter event fires every time the text box receives
>> overwriting previous value.
>> This event fires also when you scroll the records while
control has
>> the focus.
>> <> wrote in message
>> news:5bef01c4813f$ae8570c0$a601280a@phx.gbl...
>>> Hi Sandra, thanks for the response. What I actually
>>> was this:
>>> I created a field in the table, called REGISTERED_BY.
>>> To one of the fields, SEARCH_ADDRESS, in the form (Not
>>> contiuous form, by the way) I attached the following
>>> Private Sub SEARCH_ADDRESS_Enter()
>>> REGISTERED_BY = CurrentUser
>>> End Sub
>>> When I enter the SEARCH_ADDRESS field on the
form, "Admin"
>>> is entered into the REGISTERED_BY text box, which is
>>> what I want. However, when I scroll through the rest
>>> the records, "Admin" has been entered in them as well -
>>> which isn't what I want. I've changed the code to
>>> Me. REGISTERED_BY = CurrentUser
>>> But the same thing happens. Hope this makes it
>>> Any more ideas? I'd really appreciate some help.
>>> Jim.
>>>> -----Original Message-----
>>>> Hi Jim,
>>>> It sounds like you are using a calculated control to
>>> display the current
>>>> user on a continuous form. If this is the case then
it is
>>> also likely that
>>>> nothing is getting saved in the table - it's only a
>>> display value.
>>>> Instead of putting an expression in the ControlSource
>>> the control you
>>>> need to bind the Control to a field in the table by
>>> putting (or selecting) a
>>>> fieldname in the ControlSource. Then in the
>>> event of the form,
>>>> assign the value to the control with a statement like
>>> this:
>>>> me.txtUserName=currentuser()
>>>> --
>>>> Sandra Daigle [Microsoft Access MVP]
>>>> Please post all replies to the newsgroup.
>>>> jim wrote:
>>>>> I would like to return the Current user to a field
in a
>>>>> record. However, when i try this, the current user is
>>>>> added to that field in every record, not just the
>>> current
>>>>> one. Can anybody help?
>>>> .

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