Re: Copy record from recordset

From: Secen (
Date: 08/09/04

Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2004 10:50:12 -0700

That's got it - thanks for your help.

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>> I then want to copy those
>> filtered records into another recordset that is set to
>> empty table
>You need to get the original SQL and convert it into an
append query:
> INSERT INTO EmptyTable(one, two, three)
> SELECT Aee, Bee, Cee
> FROM TheOldTable
> WHERE Something=True
>and then db.Execute it.
>Remember that recordsets do not actually "exist" in terms
of data: they are
>only ways of describing a particular set of columns and
rows that actually
>live in the tables. You can't copy a view from one window
to another one,
>and you can't copy a recordset either.
>Tim F