Re: Automating Access 2003 from VB 6

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Date: 02/26/04

Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 13:28:24 +1030

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> news:dAtfVm3#DHA.404@cpmsftngxa06.phx.gbl:
> > On my side, I set the security level to low and performed the
> > following codes to open "Orders" form in the Northwind.mdb database,
> > everything is fine and the security warning dialog does not occur
> > again.
> >
> > 1. Set the security level to low:
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> > Michael Shao
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> Is this now the official policy advice from Microsoft?

Even >THEIR OWN STAFF< do it!

Hey guys:

Please produce a stand-alone tool that asks the user to select a file. The
tool then marks the project in that one file, as being safe on that PC. >>No
certificate stuff!<< Users just don't understand it. And the certificate
breaks if the project modifies itself (eg. changes the SQL of a stored
query?). >>Make it freely downloadable from the web!<< Then users can make
their chosen applications safe, & set their macro security level back up.


>> Users do not want continual warnings from applications that they choose
to trust! <<

By making it impossible for them to say: "I trust application 'X'", you have
forced them to say: "I now trust ALL applications"!

The tool in question would have to be written in such a manner, that it had
to be run directly from the windows UI. It would have to not be runnable
"behind the scenes" (ie. from code). Otherwise, the evil doers could run it
automatically to make the PC trust their evil apps.

Sheesh, MS. Is this rocket science?