Print multiple mailing labels in Access 2003 or 2007

I have come across the following KB from Microsoft that has helped me to
print a fixed number of copies of the labels that I wish to print. This
works pretty well.

However, I would like to include a field in my table for the number of
copies I want of each label. For example, if each record in my table
contains the information for a given label, one field in that record should
contain the number that represents how many of that type of label I want to
print. Each record may contain a differnt number in this field. I want all
records to print the appropriate number of times when I print the label

How can I modify the code in the above KB to make this happen? Let's assume
that the table is named MyTable and the label report is named MyLabels and
the field in MyTable that contains the number of copies is called Quantity.

Any assisntance is greatly appreciated!


Patrick Sewell
Network Administrator
Monte Vista School District
Monte Vista, Colorado USA