Re: removing misspelled words from a list

From: tina (
Date: 07/18/04

Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2004 17:47:00 GMT

are you trying to do this in MS Word? if so, suggest you post your question
in a newsgroup devoted to Word questions. this newgroup is about MS Access,
the database software.

<> wrote in message
> Hello!
> I have used hours on this but I cannot work it out!
> I want to remove all the misspelled words from a large list of words.
> In word I do a spell check and then when a misspelled word is found I
> close the spell checker, remove the word and then do the same again.
> When I try to get a macro to work it does not seem to register the
> spell check keystrokes, only the keystrokes AFTER I close the
> spellchecker.
> This MAY be because there does not seem to be a way to close the
> spellchecker other than using "escape" or using the mouse to close it.
> Has anyone any ideas, please??
> Best wishes from rainy Denmark
> Andrew Huddleston