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Respected Experts,

I would like to express my regret for my immature act, but the site i have
mentioned is a very official looking site so i could not make out that this
also could be violation, the site is for MAC users who do not have Access
installed on the machine, but being novoice i could not percieve the
difference and so only i have mentioned... i thought i will coontribute
someway or the other to the forum by my little knowledge

George Nicholson wrote:
Note that whoever posted the Runtime on that link is in 100% violation of
Microsoft's EULA.

(Prior to Access 2007) Purchasers of the Developers Edition/Developers
extensions have a royalty-free license to distribute Runtime WITH an
application they have created, not by itself. And there isn't even a
lip-service attempt at including an app in that file.

Technically, anyone who downloads from that link will be using an illegal
copy of Access, since it was not obtained from a legimate source.


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John W. Vinson [MVP]

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