Re: How do I sort Mac and Mc together alphabetically?

On Mon, 26 Jun 2006 01:09:48 -0600, John Vinson
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On Mon, 26 Jun 2006 08:02:26 +0200, Steve Hayes
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McFarlane to follow immediately after MacFarlane, McLeod with MacLeod

McLeod, Paul
MacLeod, Peter
McLeod, Petronella
MacLeod, Pricsilla

Please sort the following names into correct order then:


That quibble aside: use this calculated field for sorting.

SortName: IIF(Left([LastName], 3) = "Mac", "Mc" & Mid([LastName], 4),

This will sort all the Mc and all the Mac names as if they were Mc but
display them as entered. Note that non-patronymic names which happen
to begin with the letters "Mac" will be sorted incorrectly, but that's
what you're asking for.

It wasn't what I was asking for, I was simply clarifying what someone else was
asking for.

I think it would probably be better to sort Mc under Mac for the reasons you
mentioned. There are several names beginning with Mac that are not Scottish or
Irish patronymics, but names in their own right -- Machanic, Machin and the
like. These should not be sorted as Mc (and how does a program tell the
difference, unless you specify the the letter after c must be uppercase -- but
then what do you so with Macmillan, as in the publishers? There are not many
other names that begin with Mc.

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