Re: keeping duplicate records from being appended


One approach might be to create an index spanning the multiple fields you
don't want duplicated (Unique, no duplicates). When you run your append
query, you'll be informed that "n" records could not be added, blah, blah,

One way to prevent the warning is to turn the warnings off (either in a
macro or in code, SetWarnings = False).

WARNING! If you fail to turn the warnings back on after your append query,
Access will not tell you if something goes wrong. ALWAYS turn the warnings
back on!

Good luck

Jeff Boyce
<Access MVP>

"PaulFort" <PaulFort@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> How can I prevent duplicates from being appended (on the fly via an append
> query)
> to a table when the type of duplicates I want to prevent are entire record
> duplicates not just one-field-duplicates. (IOW: it's ok for all field 1
> values to
> include duplicates and it's ok for all field 2 values to include
> but I
> don't want the append query to be able to append records where field 1 and
> field 2
> are the same as field 1 and field 2 of another record.)....and
> ...when there is this type of duplicate I want the append action to fail
> the user doesn't get an error. It just doesn't happen.
> I have an append query,activated by a button on a form (button runs macro
> that
> opens the append query) which appends records to a table. (There are three
> fields:
> name number, and color. Ultimately I need a list of numers and colors for
> each
> name..without duplicates. So I append all these fields for each record
> the
> original table that underlies the form to a table (table B)with the append
> query
> ..then a query whose properties are set to Unique Values = yes finds all
> numbers and colors for each name. This is the list without duplicates that
> need.)
> If the user hits the button more than once (without changing data) there
> will be
> duplicate records appended to table B. It could get pretty long if people
> get very
> happy with that button. I want to avoid having a very big table B in my
> database.
> Thanks much