Combo Box Columns

I have a combo box on a login page which has 4 columns. Once the right user
id and password are entered the login page goes to a form that is unbound and
has a subform on it. The subform is supposed to show open tickets for the
person who logged in. I am having problems getting Column(3) from login to
the query that is to show their tickets. I have tried so many things I really
do not know where to go from here.

Query for login combo box:

SELECT tblEmployees.lngMyEmpID, tblEmployees.strWorkID, tblEmployees.
strEmpName, tblEmployees.strEmpID
FROM tblEmployees;

Query for subform:

SELECT [Maint Records].ID, [Maint Records].strEmpID, [Maint Records].
strWorkID, [Maint Records].[Date Issued], [Maint Records].Action, [Maint
Records].Problem, [Maint Records].[Date Resolved], [Maint Records].Status,
[Maint Records].[Ticket Number], [Maint Records].Notes
FROM tblEmployees INNER JOIN [Maint Records] ON tblEmployees.strEmpID =
[Maint Records].strEmpID
WHERE ((([Maint Records].strEmpID)=Forms!splash!cboEmployee.Column(3)))
ORDER BY [Maint Records].[Date Issued] DESC;



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