Re: Pivot Table

Hi again Gunny ...

"'69 Camaro" <ForwardZERO_SPAM.To.69Camaro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
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His need to hide behind an alias to ask a question speaks volumes IMO.

Volumes the size of mountains. Wait a minute . . . you aren't taking a
stab at _my_ alias, are you? I know to stay on my toes when you're
around. Those zingers of yours hit their targets spot on! ;-)

You flatter me sir, I'm not that clever! As far as I can remember you've
always used the '69 Camaro alias, but then my memory doesn't always serve me
well :-)


It takes effort, time and some degree of skill, but you know as well as I
do that it's a successful strategy. A fortunate side effect is that by
working at this strategy, one can develop a reputation over time as an
authority in specific areas, or even on a general topic, so it's well
worth pursuing, even if there isn't a monetary reward.