Re: A form I made in access 2007 won't let me ad new records

On Tue, 24 Jul 2007 20:42:02 -0700, Eric <Eric@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Ok, I'm sorry I'm kind of new to access. I thought this might be something
very easy that I'm missing. The form is based on a table not a query. The
form is to enter rental properties into a table(Properties table). It is
linked to 3 other tables. I have a table for applications, owners, and
management companies. Each of these tables is linked to the properties table
and displays in my form. Everything was working fine until (I think) I was
messing with the relationships. I think I changed everything back but for
whatever reason I still can't add any new records. I can view the records I
have entered and they look fine. I can enter new records directly into the
properties table but not in the form.

If the Form has values from three tables then it IS based on a Query. Open the
form in design view and view its Properties; what is its Recordsource
property? How are the tables related? How - in the real world - are Owners,
Applications, Management Companies, and Properties related? Think about
sentences like

Each Property must have one or more owners; each Owner may own one or more

Each Owner contracts with one and only one management company; each Management
Company may have contracts with one or more owners

I'm quite certain you need more tables, and that you need to modify your Form
to use Subforms rather than trying to incorporate all your tables onto the
same form.

John W. Vinson [MVP]