Re: Display query results in datasheet subform

All you should need to do is set the SourceObject of the subform control to
your query name
Dim strYourQuery
strYourQuery = "qselYourQuery"
Me.subformctrl.SourceObject = "Query." & strYourQuery

Duane Hookom
MS Access MVP

"JoeA2006" <JoeA2006@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I need to allow users to drill down to records based on 3 criteria.
Date and Transaction category. I have set up three combo boxes and a
parameter query against a query based on the value of the three combo
The query selects the correct records, however I need to display the
resulting records on the form(subform) in datasheet view. I have a
button to run the query once the combo box selections are made but the
results are displayed in a separate data sheet view but not on the form. I
also need for the user to add, edit records once they have drilled down to
the correct date location and category. Thanks